Nairobi Cake Festival

January 11, 2018

Thats right! Nairobi has a whole event dedicated to eating cake! And for to those of you wondering, yes, there was a cake that looked exactly like a KFC bucket of chicken! If that doesn't show talent, then I don't know what does. 


As hundreds of Nairobians made their way down to the KWS headquarters (just outside Nairobi's Safari park) for one of Nairobi's most popular events, not only did people get to hang out and eat cake, but they also got special discounts on the walking safari, and a set of talented performers including spoken word poet Mufasa! The event was suitable for absolutely anyone, and everyone, including a kiddie play zone featuring a trampoline park and for the papa's , a nyama choma zone. 


Now although it seems as if the day was all fun and games (which it was) the event was actually for a very important cause. For someone like me who is privileged enough to be able to go to school, we can often forget that there are lots of people out there who can't afford it.


On the cake festivals Facebook page, they describe how some students "had barely set foot in school for the better part of second term and the accumulated school fees balance dimmed their hope of ever getting back to school." A compassionate group of people then came up with a solution to set up a Cake Festival, whereby every ticket that was bought would help sponsor a young student to attend school. The festival simply helped to change the destiny of several students and gave hope to several households out there. 


As a strong believer in education, and strong enthusiast in cake, the event was definitly worth my time! For anyone who is interested in the event, don't worry, it is happening again next year! So keep your eye open for Cake Festival 2018! 


And for those of you inspired by the cause, let this inspire you to organise a similar event! You build your own destiny!







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